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Making Elk Grove the best place to raise a family.

Community, Family, and Transparency.

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My goals are for Elk Grove to enhance its record of attracting good jobs, build housing communities with quality schools that are safe and sustainable, and keep my family and yours safe from crime. I will be an effective advocate to fight for timely solutions for pressing District Two issues. Public safety will be my highest priority.


As a victim of crime, I want our police to have all the manpower and resources necessary to protect our neighborhood from rising property and violent crime. With spiraling inflation and family budgets stressed, this is no time to raise taxes of any kind. As a business-woman, I will keep a sharp pencil out to keep our city government living within its means and justify every penny of taxpayers' dollars spent. Solutions to homelessness must include housing, drug and other medical treatment to promote reentry to society, while keeping our city safe.


My husband and I have raised four children together, with a united goal to provide them with a safe community that one day they will inherit and allow them the same opportunities that we have enjoyed.

I respectfully ask for your vote.


  • Republican Party of Sacramento County
  • Kevin Spease - Elk Grove City Council Member
  • Ted Gaines- California Board of Equalizations Dist. 1
  • Mia Perez Arroyo- Elk Grove Citizen/Attorney
  • Nicole Fouch- Elk Grove Citizen/Retired
  • Beth Correa- Realtor/Elk Grove Citizen
  • Adam Fouch- Elk Grove Citizen/Retired
  • Jill Mori- Business Owner/Elk Grove Citizen

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Remember to get out and vote on November 8, 2022. Every vote counts and your voice matters.
Nov 08, 2022, 8:00 AM
Elk Grove,
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Ways to get involved

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